Ray Tennyson is a self-taught celebrity painting artist who now creates his artwork into sip & paint party kits using painting with numbers

Ray Tennyson began his art career creating portrait paintings for people around the world. Popular commissions were from anniversaries and wedding gifts.

His pop art-style portrait paintings started grabbing the attention of many popular individuals, including Chris Brown, Keri Hilson, and Floyd Mayweather, to name a few.

Ray is an artist from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Born on March 23rd, 1990, he started art at a very early age as a hobby and continued the craft throughout his childhood into his adulthood.

Pencil drawing was his first medium, but then he discovered a new love for painting.

"Because I started with pencil drawing at a early age, I became bored with blending and shading. After getting good drawing anything or anyone in front of me, I wasn't satisfied going down the path of making my art look as real as possible.

When I first discovered a non-blending painting technique like vector style artwork, I fell in love all over again. This is what eventually led me to painting with numbers by simply adding numbers to my pre-drawn vector sketches."

Ray soon began hosting sip & paint parties in his local city, and then in nearby cities and states. Eventually, he started to travel across the U.S., hosting large parties.

A couple of months later, after accomplishing his second large traveling paint party, he began feeling sick and was soon diagnosed with cancer.

While battling cancer and maneuvering through uncertainty, Ray spent all his waking time learning the skills of business.

During this learning phase, he started his first paint party business venture called The Amazing Paint Party, where he first began offering his sip & paint party experience for delivery to people's homes. Unfortunately, being confined to a hospital and bedridden at home, this company would eventually fail.

After battling cancer for a couple of years, Ray was then given the best news he could hope for and is now cancer-free.

"Any near-death experience would change anyone's perspective on life. I've contemplated death for so long that I don't fear it anymore. It will eventually happen to us all in the future, so this fact should push us in the present. If I don't fear death, I certainly won't fear failure."

What started as a passion for painting has now turned into a passion for business. Ray plans to grow his unique sip & paint concept by offering the best paint party experience for non-artists.

He now has the #1 Selfie Sip & Paint Kits in the world.

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