Welcome to The Amazing Paint Party Instructions. Here we have a few guidelines and recommendations that will help make your sales journey with us as successful as possible.


  1. Promote, Promote, Promote!: Frequently posting and sending out your referral link will be an integral part of your success with our VIP Sales Program. Due to the fun alluring nature of our kits the more awareness you can bring to the product with your link the better your commission payout will be. There are no required amount of posts or advertising. You do want to be sure to use your personal website link when posting so that all sales are linked back to you.
  2. With each post that you make on social media we do require that you include our social media handle "@amazingpaintparty" and our hashtag "#amazingpaintparty" on all social media platforms you use to promote our kits.
  3. For ALL of our Iconic kits you MUST address them by the name that is on our website and NOT by the name of figure that the customer would be ordering to avoid infringing on said person's likeness. For example instead of saying in your post "Hey make sure you order your Marilyn Monroe Painting today" we would require you to say "Hey make sure you order your Iconic Painting #7!" Refer to to get the names of all of our paint kits. *If you infringe on any likeness you'll be help responsible for any legal consequences* 
  4. To ensure payment make sure to link your bank to your account to ensure your weekly payment. Each sale you make will generate 20% in commission and will be paid out every Monday.


Also understand that violating any of our terms can result in termination of your involvement in the VIP Sales Program. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at any time: