Vector Art Assessment

Welcome! We're Excited To See The Amazing Art You Create With Our Assessment!


Now that you've completed our NDA it is now time for you to get started on the assessment. You'll have 48 hours to get it back to us to be considered for the role. Please sit aside at least 2 hours to watch the videos and go through the assessment materials. 


What you'll need is:


Adobe Photoshop (mobile or desktop) - for cutout effect & using Freeform Pen Tool for quick tracing.
Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop - for using Pencil to trace Ipad (or equivalent) or Wacom tablet for easy tracing.


What you'll find in the Vector Art Assessment folder:


Assessment Image - This is the image you'll be using in order to complete the assessment.

Color Palette - It is a total of 41 colors that you'll use to replace the colors in the original photo when you create the vector art. These colors are to be grouped while you are creating the vector art. They also are the colors we have in our production that we use for the paint sets the customers will use while painting.

Vector Art Tutorial - Here you will find the videos that will show us our Tracing process to create vector art. If you have another faster way to get a similar please let us know upon hiring.
Please screen record the entire process when you begin the assessment. If you're unaware of how to screen record simply google your specific laptop or operating system and get instructions on how to do so there. You can upload your  video to Dropbox, Wetransfer, Google Drive, or upload it to Youtube and send us the link to review. 


Go through the entire process. Keep in mind that these are paint party kits so the spaces between the colors should be wide enough to fit a paint brush through. Try to make the vector art style of the test assessment image as close to the examples you'll find as possible. We have put together a lot of tutorial videos and examples for you to go through to give you an idea of exactly the style we're going for. We look forward to receiving your assessment. Please allow 24 hours for me and my team to review your submission.